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What Are Benefits of the HubSpot CMS?

The HubSpot CMS was designed to deliver a better user experience, while still being extremely fast-loading and stable. Here are some benefits of the HubSpot CMS: Speed - With over 43% of the world's websites on WordPress, any WordPress website owner will tell you that security is a constant concern. Since so many people are on it, it's a popular target for hackers. The HubSpot CMS provides the protection of anonymity, but they're also dedicated to providing some of the best data security on the market right now. Stability - HubSpot delivers 99.999% uptime, PLUS they've got a team dedicated to constantly making their hosted website faster, more secure, and reliable.

One of the advantages of using the HubSpot CMS is data. Since you are leveraging a tool that has been built by a marketing automation company, you can expect to see some exceptional reporting capabilities. The first user interface you'll see when logging into your site is HubSpot's marketing section which will give you an inside look at how your company is performing across multiple channels.